Are you too busy? Here’s 7 ways coaching helps busy professionals

Are you just too busy?

There are times when there is just too much going on.  When you're busy with competing demands on your time, it's hard to be as effective as you could be. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed, struggling to get stuff done, and frustrated about the lack of time for yourself.

One approach is to take some time out to explore your current situation and decide what you want to change. This is where coaching will help you. A coach supports you to understand your situation, identify what you would like to change, and to plan how to move forward. Coaching provides the clarity and insight needed for change, allowing you to have more control of your time.

Here are 7 ways coaching can help you 

1. Provides a confidential space and time to stop

One of the unique things about coaching is that it is focused on you. You set the agenda. Coaching provides a framework and the space for you to stop and discover your own solutions, in a purposeful way. Having a confidential space where the conversation is designed around helping you to move forward, is very powerful. 

2. To improve effectiveness 

A coach will help you identify and plan how to become more effective. Through exploring your concerns, problems and frustrations, you will be able to identify what could be improved. For example, developing strategies to improve on areas of time management, organisational skills and managing others, will help you become more effective. The focus, therefore, is on finding ways to work more effectively, rather than working more hours, saving you time.

3. For personal and professional growth 

Developing greater self awareness is key for learning and growth. Coaching encourages insight as a tool for personal and professional development. This will help you to develop the skills, confidence and resilience needed to perform at your best. 

4. To find a healthy balance in life 

Finding time for yourself can feel impossible when you are busy. But making time to do the things which you enjoy and provides energy is important and prevents the build up of stress. A coach will help find a way to create a healthy balance in you life, which is realistic and sustainable.

5. To take control of stress and overwhelm 

There will be times when you become overwhelmed and feel stressed. Coaching considers the bigger picture, identifies the causes of stress, and supports you to make changes needed to move forward. By gaining more clarity you will feel back in control, with a more positive outlook.  

6. To deal with challenges 

When faced with a challenging situation, you may struggle to know what to do and find it hard to imagine a way forward. A coach will help you to explore your challenges, find a solution, and support you to gain the confidence needed to act. You will also gain insight and learning, helping you to become more resilient.

7. To take action

Coaching is very much about moving forward and taking action. There may be something you want to do but don't know how to approach it, or are just too busy to get started.  A coach will help you plan the necessary steps required for taking action and hold you to account in a supportive way.


For busy professionals, taking time out to stop may not seem like an option. However, it is during these busy times that we need to make time to review and reflect, in order to gain the clarity needed to move forward.  Coaching provides a valuable opportunity to focus on what matters to you, and supports you to move towards a more effective way of working. As you move forward, this will lead to personal growth, reduced stress and a healthy balance in your life.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog

My name is Diane Benson and I support busy professionals to be more effective, reduce stress and achieve a healthy balance in life. Providing clarity and focus for a more fulfilling personal and professional life.

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