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finding motivation

When you are busy with the many demands of your job, do you always remember why you do what you do?

It is easy to get caught up with the countless tasks and activities of our jobs, and lose sight of what motivates us. We are often asked the question 'what do you do?', but how often are we asked 'why?'.

I was thinking about this recently. The sun was shining and I was having a productive day. Feeling happy and fulfilled in my work, I was really focused. I am passionate about my job and have the opportunity to work with some incredible people, but it has not always been easy.

I run my own coaching business which has been a journey full of learning and self-discovery. I have had to develop new skills as well as being organised, motivated and focused. However, despite the challenges, I would not wish to do anything else.

It is easy to forget our stories and what motivates us, especially when we are busy or overwhelmed. However, if we can connect with our motivation, particularly during challenging times, this can provide the focus and energy we need.

Sometimes we may not be clear on what we are doing, but we should always try to remember what motivates us. This is at the core of what we do, and important in finding fulfilment in our work.

So this is my story of what motivates me, and why
Community development to coaching
From community development to coaching

As a teenager I began volunteering, working as a mentor with children and supporting adults with learning disabilities. This experience was hugely fulfilling for me and I felt that in some way I was making a difference.

I was good with people and realised that my natural skills lay in encouragement and support, and seeing people improve their lives was my motive. I had found something I believed in and I went on to train as a community development worker.

Working in community development I learnt a great deal about how to support and empower people to grow, how to bring people together and enable positive change within communities.

My motivation was very much in seeing people gain confidence and skills and I found fulfilment in seeing lives change. I worked with women, children and young people, in mentoring and mental health support and volunteer management, all of which gave me a sense of purpose.

Coaching as motivation
heart wood
Coaching as motivation

A few years ago I had the opportunity to experience coaching. At this time I was looking for a change of direction in my career and I also wanted to develop my skills further. What I discovered was that coaching would in fact become the next part of my story.

In coaching I found a powerful model of supporting people to develop and learn. Coaching enables a person to move from a place of uncertainty and overwhelm to one of clarity and focus. It is not advice driven, but rather rooted in the belief that the solutions to change lie very much in ourselves.

I loved this approach, which felt like a natural progression for me in my own journey. I undertook my coach training, qualified, then set up my own coaching business.

My focus as a coach is on providing time out for busy professionals for their own personal and professional development. I specialise in supporting those engaged in demanding roles, and who have a people focus, such as headteachers and clergy. I have the privilege to work with incredible people who are themselves making a difference to the lives of others.

Supporting people to learn new tools, gain greater insights and be better equipped to do their role, is hugely satisfying for me and is the motivation in my story.

So when the sun is not shining and I feel overwhelmed. I will stop and take a moment to remember my story of what motivates me.

Over to you...
What is your story?
Why don't you take a few minutes to remember your story and rediscover what motivates you?

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog

My name is Diane Benson and I work with busy professional women, who are engaged in demanding roles.

I provide coaching and training workshops, supporting personal and professional development, for a healthy work/life balance, reduced stress and increased effectiveness.

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