How to be less busy and become more effective


Most of us are busy. We are constantly navigating multiple demands in our personal and professional lives, which can leave us tired and overwhelmed.

We have a lot to do and it can be tempting to keep going in the hope that we will get everything done. Our personal needs can also be neglected whilst we resist taking time out to deal with our busy lives. 

One of the problems with being too busy is that we rush between activities. We multi-task and become disconnected from our goals. If we do not take time to stop and review how we are spending our time, we are unable to prioritise or measure our effectiveness.  

We need to discover ways to become more effective which will allow us to improve how we spend our time.

How to be more effective and less busy

Identify how you are spending your time - Be more mindful about how you use your time, and identify the key pressures. Consider why you are doing a particular activity and whether you can delegate or stop doing something. 

Create good systems - Having systems which help you do your job more effectively will save you time. Ensure your work space is set up to help you focus, and create systems which make things easier. For example, having a good filing system, using templates, and effective diary and email management will save you time.

Avoid distractions and interruptions - Being distracted or interrupted wastes a lot of time, which can be avoided with good practices. Identify key distractions and find ways of removing or minimising them. Avoid interruptions by asking not to be disturbed, or by working away from potential disruptions.

Create good routines - Good habits save time and should become part of our everyday routine. Find routines which help you to perform at your best, and practices that help your positive well-being.

Take time to stop and evaluate your day - It is important to take time to stop and reflect each day in order to review, plan and learn. Just taking 5 minutes at the end of each day to review will help you become increasingly effective.

Look after yourself - Make sure you eat well, get enough sleep and do the things which you enjoy. When you are feeling well and rested you will have more energy. This will also help you to focus on what you need to get done with greater clarity.  

Seek support - If you feel that you are too busy and risk overwhelm, then it is important to seek support. Talk to a colleague or line manager to share your concerns and get the help you need.

Take time out to focus and review - Creating space to stop and consider how you spend your time will help you to identify any changes required.  A coach will provide focus, and help you identify a different way of working. You can then plan the strategies you need to be effective and create more time.


We all want to be more effective and achieve our goals. However, the answer is not to work longer hours, but rather to spend our time wisely.  Taking time to create and plan ways to be more effective will give you control of your day. This will help you be effective, whilst providing space for reflection and learning. 

The outcome will be more time and energy to do what is important to you. Ultimately, it will allow you to have a healthier balance in your life, and be more fulfilled both personally and professionally.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog

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