8 Ways to move forward when you feel stuck

Steps move forward feel stuck

There are times when we just feel stuck in our personal or professional life.

It could be with an important decision you are struggling to make. There may be a particular challenge or complex situation which just leaves you confused. You may feel unfulfilled with your life in general or ready for a change and just don't have the confidence to move forward.

Whatever the reason you are likely to be experiencing avoidance, procrastination and the inability to move forward. This could be because of fears that you will make the wrong decision or you just feel too overwhelmed to think clearly.  

Here are 8 ways to move forward when you feel stuck

1. Acknowledge you feel stuck - Feeling stuck could be an indication that you want something to change or you just need some space to think. Be honest about how you feel as the first step to moving forward.

2. Understand your situation - Grab a piece of paper and write down your thoughts and feelings. Don't overthink it, just write. This will help you understand why you feel stuck and then you can begin to make sense of where you are. 

3. Think about what you would like to change or be different - Spend time imagining what could be different and allow yourself to dream. This notion of possibility is a powerful way of developing the ability needed to make a shift in perspective.

4. Re-frame your thinking - Rather than thinking 'I can't' or 'I don't know how'. Instead tell yourself 'I will' or 'I can discover'. This will re-frame your thinking with a positive mindset full of the possible, allowing you to move forward.

5. Make a decision - Being in a place of uncertainty is confusing. Sometimes you just need to make a decision. Even if your decision is to stay where you are. This will free you up to move forward or deal with where you are. E.g stay in your job or seek new opportunities. 

6. Get clear on your options - When you feel stuck it can seem that there are no options. Once you begin to identify what you could do, you will be able to see the options available to you.

7. Plan and take action - When you are ready to move forward it is important to take action. Plan small, manageable steps and then put them into practice. Once you start to take action you will get the momentum needed to continue.

8. Get support -  We all move forward more quickly when we are supported. This is because with support we gain the confidence and insight needed to take action. Share your thoughts with a trusted friend or colleague, or seek the support of a coach to help you move forward. 


There will be times in life when you feel stuck and can't see a way forward. However there is always a way forward. Allow yourself time to understand where you are, consider what could be different and then make changes.  This will move you from a place of confusion and overwhelm towards a more fulfilled personal and professional life. 

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