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7 Effective ways to deal with distractions and stay focused

Being distracted

We all experience days when it is hard to get focused and there are just too many distractions.  But constantly breaking off and losing your focus will result in taking longer to complete tasks or them simply not getting done! The outcome will be frustration, ineffectiveness and feeling overwhelmed. Continue reading 7 Effective ways to deal with distractions and stay focused

Effective strategies to overcome procrastination and get things done


Do you ever find yourself doing anything except the task you are supposed to be doing? Suddenly you are highly motivated to have a major clear out, offer to run errands for your colleagues or feel inspired to file all of your books alphabetically, by genre! If so, then it is fair to say that you will be experiencing classic procrastination.

Procrastination is when we put off or delay doing something which we should be doing. The outcome is that we waste time doing other stuff, are easily distracted and fail to get the important things done.

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How to effectively deal with information overload

information overload

Information overload

We live in an incredible world with advanced technology and the opportunity to seek information on anything we choose. Our horizons are expanding as we learn and develop our knowledge. Most of us can access information on our smart phones whenever we choose and wherever we are.

But there is a flip side to this. With opportunities to consume more and constant internet access, we can soon find ourselves in information overload!

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Uncovering the myth of multitasking!


Are you good at multitasking?

Have you ever walked into a room to do one task, then find yourself starting a completely different one, only to discover a little while later, that you have forgotten about the original task?

Do you regularly check your emails or read notifications whilst writing a report then wonder why you have lost your flow?

If this is familiar to you then you, like me, are a multitasker!

Many of us regularly multitask and the reality is that we live in a world which facilitates this. With constant notifications for our email and social media, and the notion that we should be contactable at all times!

The results are that we are easily distracted and can find multitasking as the norm. 

What happens when we multitask?

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