9 Tips to manage your time more effectively


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Manage your time more effectively

We all experience days which are far too busy and perhaps where we have tried to pack too much in. There are also days when we have simply wasted a lot of time or let ourselves get distracted.

Our time is a precious resource and yet we can easily waste or neglect to use it wisely. If we don't manage our time well, we are left feeling overwhelmed by the growing number of tasks and responsibilities which are not getting done, and often neglect to undertake doing activities for ourselves.

There are things which you can do to manage your time better and be much more productive.

Here are 9 tips to manage your time more effectively.

1. Map out how you use your timeUnderstanding how you spend your time is a good place to start.  Make a note of the different tasks and activities you undertake over the day and how much time these take. Notice what didn't get done, and whether there are any patterns or reasons for this.

2. Identify your goals - Being clear on your goals will help you to be more focused. Establishing short and long term goals is important in order to make good use of your time and to prioritise accordingly. Decide what you want to achieve each day, week, month and during the coming year

3. Establish in which parts of the day you work bestWe all have different parts of the day when we are more focused and productive. Know what works for you and where possible allocate high energy tasks when you are most able to focus and schedule more straightforward ones for other parts of the day.

4. Allocate time slots for particular tasks - Avoid having a to-do-list which never gets done. Plan your time and allocate specific time slots for tasks you want to complete and you will find you are immediately more effective. Write a daily task list and plan ahead by putting future tasks in your diary.

5. Don't wait for deadlines to get stuff doneDeadlines are great motivators to help get stuff done. However, don't leave tasks to the last minute. If you can do something sooner then get it done. You will feel more in control and get ahead with your tasks.

6. Be realisticYou only have a limited amount of time each day, so don't try and cram too much in. Doing fewer things well will be far more effective than over-stretching yourself. There needs to be some space for the unexpected and any last minute plans.

7. Ditch and delegate - Ask yourself if you need to do everything on your list. Check your tasks and see if there is anything you can ditch and If something has been on your to-do list for a while, allocate a time or cross it out. See if there are other things which can be delegated to someone else to release more of your time.

8. Notice when you are wasting time - Take control of your time by noticing when you are wasting time, e.g. scrolling through social media. Be aware of distractions and remove them where possible. Manage any interruptions and remember to say no to tasks which you don't need to do.

9. Make time for yourself - Don't neglect what you need to do for your own happiness and well-being. Make sure you give time to things which are important to you and put them in your diary. When you spend time doing things that you enjoy, you will feel more motivated and energised for the other tasks and responsibilities.


It is very easy to get caught up in the tasks, responsibilities and demands of the day and not be in control of our time. When we do not get done what we have planned, or fail to be effective the outcome will be of feeling frustrated and dissatisfied by a lack of achievement. But when we manage our time well and planned tasks are completed, we are in control, effective and energised.

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