Coaching Program

coaching program

Is this you?

Are you constantly busy, but not feeling as effective as you would like?
Do you feel overwhelmed by your email, diary and workload?
Are you frustrated that you are not doing the things that you enjoy and energise you?
Do you feel stuck with a challenge that you don't know how to deal with?
Are you looking to make a change in your personal or professional life?

Ditch overwhelm find clarity

Supporting you to

See the bigger picture

Know where you are, what is causing overwhelm and discover what you can change.

Understand what is important to you
Re-connect with your values, priorities and what motivates you.
Remove any blocks and barriers
Discover what is getting in the way and what you could do differently.
Take control and be more effective
Put strategies in place to help you reduce your busyness but increase your effectiveness.
Have a healthy balance in your life
Create a life where you are healthy and fulfilled.
Move forward with clarity and control
Identify and plan changes you can make to move forward with clarity.


Never having experienced coaching before I was surprised and pleased with the significant difference it made to how I approached difficult challenges within my career.

Diane very patiently listened whilst skilfully encouraging focus and development of a positive way forward.  She made me think and realise there is always a solution!'


Janet Wardell - Head teacher


Coaching will give you


An understanding of what is causing overwhelm and what you need to change.

More control

You will take control and make changes in a planned way.


You will discover practical ways to help you work more effectively.

More time
You will be more effective and your busyness will be reduced.
A healthy balance in life

Create more time for yourself to do the things which you enjoy and energise you.

Increased confidence

A 'can do' attitude, greater confidence and increased resilience.

You will receive

~ An initial 30 minute telephone consultation to get clear on what you want to gain from the session.

~ A reflective questionnaire to prepare you for the session.

~ A 90 minute coaching session to help you gain clarity to move forward.

~ A follow up email to keep you on track. 

The number and frequency of sessions are agreed with you and designed to meet your needs.

Sessions are available via Skype or face-to-face within the York and surrounding area.