I have really valued the time I spent working with Diane, who supported me to thoughtfully consider how to effectively manage my role and staff team. Diane's coaching style challenged me to think differently whilst also staying true to my values and approach. I would highly recommend Diane as a coach, particularly for those navigating the often complex world of the voluntary sector.

Hannah Bailey, Sector Support Manager at Voluntary Action Leeds
Having left a job that I loved and taken time out of employment to look after my two young boys and support various family moves, I found myself lacking confidence in what I could do and how to identify options for employment etc. Diane provided a safe, professional and supportive space to explore my current context and my experience, qualifications and interests. I have now identified several potential employment options to pursue, and my confidence in what I can do has been refreshed too. 

Nicola Bray, Heritage Professional
Diane’s sessions on Resilience and Working Together in Partnership gave us clear, positive and ‘can do’ ways of working with see-able solutions to the challenges colleagues face in a fast changing environment. I commend the quality of her work and endorse her skill as a trainer and coach.

The Rt Revd Dr John Thomson, Bishop of Selby
Wow!! What a difference an hour and half can make. Diane helped me to take apart and plan for what seemed like a fairly small task but had all the potential to go wrong and have lasting consequences and affect perceptions of me. 
Working through the task together, Diane questioned and challenged assumptions and helped me to be clear about outcomes I wanted to achieve and the actions required to deliver them. As well as bringing clarity to the specific task, Diane pushed me to think about the wider picture and how things fitted together. A great opportunity to put a clear plan with defined actions, timescales, outcomes and contingency in place. I cannot recommend enough the opportunity that working with Diane has brought, if you've thought about coaching  as a way to change what you do but haven't, contact Diane and give yourself the time and effort that you give others.
See more... Donna Kingett, Strategic Contract and Commercial Manager at Yorkshire Water
Diane's coaching sessions have helped me to start thinking positively about my future options focusing on the 'can do' rather than the 'why not'. As a result I am now taking my first steps towards my new career without the coaching I would honesty still be just thinking about it! 
I found the experience of coaching with Diane to be constructive, positive and very empowering.  Diane has a naturally calm, caring and professional approach.   I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.
See more... Liz, York
Diane is a skilled coach and I have gained enormously from working with her. She never did my thinking for me, but carefully guided our conversations in order, I felt, to get the best out of me and to ensure that I had developed clarity and solutions by the end of each session.

Eimear Bush, Kyra Women's Project
Having Diane as a coach helped me to come to terms with a difficult decision concerning my future. As a result, I have been able to move forward with confidence and can now look forward to exciting new challenges knowing I have made the right choice.  Diane made a huge difference to how I viewed the future.  Thank you.
Anna, Student
Diane helped me out at a time when I was feeling excited and intuitive about a new project, but unable to get to grips with how to proceed. With Diane's help I was able to focus more clearly on the steps I needed to take and to move forward thoughtfully and efficiently. 
Diane was respectful and patient with me.  She helped me to understand the many potential aspects of the project and opened my eyes to the tasks I might need to consider.  I felt increasingly confident as I worked through the stages towards completion of my project and am pleased to say that I achieved everything I had hoped for.
See more... Annie, York
Never having experienced coaching before I was surprised and pleased with the significant difference it made to how I approached difficult challenges within my career. Diane very patiently listened whilst skilfully encouraging focus and development of a positive way forward.  She made me think and realise there is always a solution!

Janet Wardell, Head Teacher

I was keen to make changes but was confused by the different approaches available, to the point that I did nothing about it. Diane enabled me to think clearly about what I wanted to achieve and find a way of doing this which would work for me, setting realistic targets and also enabling me to identify obstacles which I put in my own way.  Coaching really helped me to take control and I really do feel that I have Diane to thank!

Nicky, Project Manager
The Clergy Leadership Course encouraged me to look at coaching as a way of exploring future options in ministry. Diane helped me to work through the possibilities, and to develop an up to date skills-based CV, breaking down the task into a manageable step by step process.

Fran, Church of England Priest
I knew I needed to make changes to the way I worked so I could use my time and energies more effectively and Diane, through gentle questions and writing things down, helped me to find my own solutions. For me, it was good to be able to talk aloud about the things which seemed obvious but were causing me a bit of stress.  Things like diary management, how I use my desk space, taking time for myself seem small but have made a big difference.

Rachel, Parish Priest

Diane facilitated and led conversations which enabled experienced practitioners to reflect on their own practice and be honest about the areas of their personal and professional life that they find challenging. The whole day was rooted in real-life examples and enabled us to draw up an action plan to begin the improvements we were all inspired to make. It was one of the most uplifting training sessions we've ever had and the feedback from staff was wholly positive. Thank you!

Rachel Colbourn, Head of Highfield Prep School, Harrogate
Diane provided a sympathetic, non-judgemental space for me to discuss my working patterns. With her help I have become more focussed and organised in my work. My coaching sessions coincided  with a huge increase in the amount of work I had to do. Her assistance was invaluable in figuring  out how I could work better, cope with distractions, and create a more pleasant space to work in. I  highly recommend coaching with Diane

A Rural Dean
Diane’s enthusiasm, warmth and the positive approach she took in the workshop was infectious. Her professionalism and sensitivity in ensuring everyone’s voice was heard was notable and many participants came away saying they had gained insight and practical ideas in approaching situations differently. I would highly recommend Diane as a coach when working with groups.

Helen, Cambridge
I found the space that Diane creates to be extremely helpful in allowing me to make decisions about future roles. Diane sticks to the essence of coaching in that she does not give advice and is not directive, but lets you set the agenda and make the decisions, which is empowering.

Hannah Smith, Leeds
Diane provides a safe, easy environment in which to unpack obstacles to well-being and find practical and considered ways forward.  She is a really good listener, and interpreter of confused thoughts! She has helped me through a difficult and disorienting period of my life and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Tessa, Hull