Training Workshops

‘Diane’s sessions on Resilience and Working Together in Partnership gave us clear, positive and ‘can do’ ways of working with see-able solutions to the challenges colleagues face in a fast changing environment. I commend the quality of her work and endorse her skill as a trainer and coach.’

The Rt Revd Dr John Thomson, Bishop of Selby.


Training workshops

Supporting your organisation

I provide training workshops and offer a customised service to meet the developing needs of your organisation. As an experienced facilitator I work collaboratively with you, to plan the workshop required for your organisation.

The training workshop will be interactive and engaging ensuring that participants get the most from the training.  We will work together to develop ideas and plan actions in order to achieve your goals.

My style is rooted in my experience of working in community development for many years. The focus is on support, facilitating learning and empowering you to make a difference.  I bring my experience as a coach to enable focus and action.

Benefits of training workshops

Bringing people together in a workshop setting offers many benefits, such as:

~ provide time out for people to come together

~ promote a positive effect on teams

~ allow greater learning

~ show staff that they are valued

Some areas training workshops will help with include:

~ planning and vision

~ developing skills

~ new insight and learning

~ increasing motivation

~ creating positive change

~ inspiring individuals

~ strengthening organisations

My experience

As a skilled facilitator, I have experience in developing workshops for schools, organisations, charities and with clergy.

Examples of workshops I have delivered:

~ improving work and life balance

~ managing challenging conversations - for schools

~ finding fulfillment in the different roles of our life

~ defining the purpose and focus of a women's network - for a large organisation

~ managing volunteers

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together.